URN Namespaces

While these URNs are rarely used now, this list is maintained for historical interest

  • urn:mace:incommon:stanford.edu

    The InCommon Federation provided this URN to Stanford to identify Stanford's Shibboleth / SAML Identity Provider (IdP).

  • urn:mace:stanford.edu

    MACE (the Middleware Architecture Committee for Education) has delegated the operations of this namespace to Stanford University Information Technology Services.

    • urn:mace:stanford.edu:directory

      This namespace is used to provide globally unique "friendly" URNs (in addition to the existing globally unique OIDs) for attributes in Stanford-specific directory schemas.

      • urn:mace:stanford.edu:directory:accounts

        Used to map attributes in the suAccount schema

      • urn:mace:stanford.edu:directory:applications

        Used to map attributes in the suApplication schema

      • urn:mace:stanford.edu:directory:groups

        Used to map attributes in the suGroup schema

      • urn:mace:stanford.edu:directory:people

        Used to map attributes in the suPerson schema

    • urn:mace:stanford.edu:shibboleth

      This namespace was requested to support the assignment of unique, global, persistent names to resources used by Stanford University for Shibboleth. Most InCommon members, including Stanford, are now using URLs rather than URNs to identify resources.

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