Internet2 MemberMeeting, April 2011

Day 1, April 18th Grouper Working Group Demonstration of improvements in latest version Details of RESTful interface Grouper has a history of group members for audit purposes! uApprove demo given by Russ Beale of USC; metadata driven InCommon Tech Extensive discussion regarding attribute release policies Default release policies for ePPN CIO meeting on Cloud Services, Continue reading Internet2 MemberMeeting, April 2011

Common Solutions Group – Winter 2011, Duke University

January 12-14, 2011 Agenda Day 1 Morning IT Governance (Jim Phelps, UWisc, Bernie G., UMinnesota) No way to gain efficiencies w/o governance and alignment Selection of who work on what efforts more strategically Working harder to "not to compete with ourselves" in terms of duplicative support or in opposite directions Focusing on plan rather than Continue reading Common Solutions Group – Winter 2011, Duke University


The 11th unconference formerly known as the Internet Identity Workshop (and now known simply as IIW) was held at the Computer History Museum, Nov 2-4. Most of the session notes or presentations are available online. The main topics for sessions I attended at this IIW were Applied user-centric identity: OAuth, OpenID, and OpenID Connect - Continue reading IIW XI

Service Alert Log

Got page just before 4pm on Sunday 6-13-2010 that AMCOM HL7 was down. Called IT Operations center, talked to Chauncy to see which shc list I should send to. It wasn't clear to either of us which so I decided to use the which looked like a broader communication. "Title: AMCOM HL7 Feed Down Continue reading Service Alert Log

SV Drupal Meetup

I went to the Silicon Valley Drupal User Group March Meetup. There were 2 topics: migration to Drupal 7 iPhone App and Drupal