Internet2 MemberMeeting, April 2011

Day 1, April 18th Grouper Working Group Demonstration of improvements in latest version Details of RESTful interface Grouper has a history of group members for audit purposes! uApprove demo given by Russ Beale of USC; metadata driven InCommon Tech Extensive discussion regarding attribute release policies Default release policies for ePPN CIO meeting on Cloud Services, Continue reading Internet2 MemberMeeting, April 2011

Common Solutions Group – Winter 2011, Duke University

January 12-14, 2011 Agenda Day 1 Morning IT Governance (Jim Phelps, UWisc, Bernie G., UMinnesota) No way to gain efficiencies w/o governance and alignment Selection of who work on what efforts more strategically Working harder to "not to compete with ourselves" in terms of duplicative support or in opposite directions Focusing on plan rather than Continue reading Common Solutions Group – Winter 2011, Duke University

Douglas Crockford: History of JavaScript

Last night I went to Yahoo! for the first of five Douglas Crockford presentations on JavaScript. Douglas covered the history of programming, from the Jacquard Loom through the mass of programming languages in the 1960s and early 1970s, through the C/C++/Java/Visual Basic days onto the present, tracing JavaScript's genetic heritage from Java's syntax, Scheme's functional Continue reading Douglas Crockford: History of JavaScript

UC ITLC Meeting on SOA

Wow! That’s bunch of acronyms. ☺ I was invited to attend one of the University of California IT Leadership Council meetings. This is a group of IT Architects and CIO’s that meet on a regular basis and cover specific topics. It’s very much like a Common Solutions Group for the UC system. This particular Continue reading UC ITLC Meeting on SOA