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Common Solutions Group – Winter 2010 UCSD

This CSG was being hosted by UC San Diego.

Day 1

Collaborative Platforms (slides)

Ken Klingenstein of Internet2 spoke first with a round up of the I2 development in the middleware space

Chad Kainz (UofChicago): A view of Bamboo

Michael Gettes (MIT) gave a brief history of the COmanage project and the current status.

Chris Hubing (PSU) spoke on the

Bruce Vincent (Stanford) - I gave some examples of social networking application being leveraged by Researchers, Professors and supporting business processes as well. I then went into some of the technical aspects, adoption and promising aspects of Opensocial.  This discussion generated a great deal of interest and motivated a few different institutions wanted to work with Stanford in investigating Opensocial.

Note: Originally, I had 15 min.s for this talk but was asked at the last minute to extend to nearly an hour...not worth explaining why.

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UC ITLC Meeting on SOA

Wow! That’s bunch of acronyms. ☺

I was invited to attend one of the University of California IT Leadership Council meetings. This is a group of IT Architects and CIO’s that meet on a regular basis and cover specific topics. It’s very much like a Common Solutions Group for the UC system. This particular event was on the topic of Service Oriented Architecture.

I was invited by the CIO of UC Berkeley, Shelton Waggener. There was a fair amount of enterprise infrastructure integration on the agenda but the primary focus was SOA for the use of administrative systems.There was a wide range of sophistication from university to university in terms of use and vision around SOA. Apart from a deeper idea of business applications of SOA, what I found most illuminating was the difference between state systems (which lend themselves to federation) and the relatively provincial nature of private institutions, like Stanford.

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